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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Our technology transfer program allows the creation, development and implementation of a T-OCA RBI solution through a collaborative project team of the client company and Houston Integrity Consultants. This allows the initial T-OCA database to be created under our experience and guidance, whilst training client personnel who will ultimately become the on-going T-OCA program management team.

In 1997, we began to formalize the technology transfer process, while prior to that we had provided the software to experienced engineering companies. The technology transfer process was formalized to allow all operating companies, inspection companies and other project management companies to implement RBI, regardless of size or experience. Our technology transfer works because the T-OCA software is simple and easy to understand and use, and it is also backed up by a system of procedures, work instructions and training modules. We have successfully implemented technology transfer to users in Asia, the Middle East and North and South America.

We have developed a standardized implementation process that is still flexible enough to meet the individual customer needs. Within the process, everything is defined by a procedure or work instruction, and step by step we train the users and then provide a work instruction for that step. We can also provide experienced personnel to take a role in the project and act as mentors to the team.


The RBI process with T-OCA generally follows the program outlined below. Every box on the drawing has at least one training module and one work instruction.

How We Do It

Our RBI technology transfer program is based around three elements:

Training and Certification

We have developed three levels of RBI training including examinations and certification:

  • RBI Specialist – Basic training in RBI principles and use of the T-OCA for RBI team leaders

  • RBI Facilitator – Advanced training in the details of the T-OCA risk models and how to manage RBI implementation projects

  • RBI Auditor – Audit principles for RBI projects.

Procedures and Work Instructions

We have a set of procedures and work instructions that cover the overall RBI project and the each detailed task that is necessary to complete the project.  We help the users to adapt the procedures and work instructions to their individual projects and then include the work instructions in the training packages that we deliver.

Continuous Support 

We provide support to our partners in all phases of their RBI projects from kickoff through the initial database build and long term operation. 


Southeast Asia Gas Field

A major operator wished to implement RBI for an offshore gas field containing 23 platforms. The platforms ranged in age from 20 years to new builds. The operator licensed the T-OCA software and engaged the services of a local engineering contractor. We provided training to the local team at RBI Specialist level, trained the local project manager as an RBI Facilitator and provided the procedures and work instructions. We provided support by email and web conference. The RBI program was made fully operational in 12 months with local engineering content of 2 man-years.


T-OCA began yielding benefits within six months in four primary areas:


  1. Understanding each systems importance

  2. Improved resource allocation based on risk

  3. Chemical optimization

  4. Assist in solving operational issues


T-OCA has been proven to proactively manage reliability and efficiently allocate resources to ensure incident free operations at the lowest practical unit operating costs.

Middle East Oil and Gas Terminal

A European engineering contractor had a developed a project to provide RBI services for a 2 million barrels per day oil and gas terminal. 


The terminal included:

  • 5,110 static equipment items

  • 36,500 line numbers

  • 1,970 rotating equipment items

  • 3,446 relief valves

  • 3,130 control valves


The contractor had begun the project using the API 581 RBI software. Within six months were seriously behind schedule and over budget. They licensed T-OCA and we provided training and the documentation to the RBI team in Europe. The European team trained the local project team. Within six months, the project was back on schedule and the project was completed on time and within budget.


The contractor estimated that T-OCA required approximately 60% of the man-hours required by API 581.


South American Oil Field

An international consulting company developed an RBI project for an FPSO based offshore oil field in South America. The company selected T-OCA for the project and we provided training for the local team on site in South America. The company translated the T-OCA work instructions into Portuguese and we provided a Portuguese version of the T-OCA software.


T-OCA was used to develop risk based inspection plans for the production systems and the marine systems on the FPSO.  These were then agreed with the classification society responsible for the vessel and with the national oil company and ultimately the national regulator.


The project was completed on time and within budget. Local labor content for the project was over 95%.